Wednesday, February 24, 2016

InCoWriMo #2 -- Dragons, Knights and the Heavens' Cloth

This one is for T's (and my niece).  I wanted to let her know she can be whatever she wants to be. . .the hero (knight), the princess, or both. . .all at the same time.

One of my favorite poems.  You have to love the Irish and the infinite capacity to be sullen and sad.

(I wish I had started it a bit higher on the page.)

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Back in ancient times when I was in college, I used to write letters quite frequently. Especially during the summer months when most of my friends had scattered to the four winds. I did not have fancy fountain pens or even a calligraphy set, but I did have my cartooning.  I would add little drawings through out the letter, making each letter something unique.  My roommate Cone and I would send letters back and forth, each trying to one up each other with our drawings of Calvin & Hobbes, Pooh Bear, Disney characters or our own creations.  My favorite was when he put Stupendous Man on the envelope and commanded the postman to do his "nefarious bidding" (yeah, I have stolen that).  Then, with the advent of email, cell phones, text messages and other social media, I just. . .stopped.  Which is sad, because, who does not like getting a hand written letter?  In early January I learned about something called InCoWriMo (pronounced: ink-o -rye-mo; International Correspondance Writing Month) which urges people to handwrite one letter per day in the month of February.  And it made me remember how much I enjoyed writing and getting letters, so I decided to give it a go.  I do not know if I can do 29 letters done this month, but am going to try.  Below is the letter I sent to T for Valentine's Day (there was also a handwritten note, but I am not posting that ;-).

                          Pilot Custom 912, watercolor on Bristol paper 9x12